This is a Morning Earth web site.  Morning Earth web sites and tours have been developed to promote Korea in general and particularly Korean ceramics internationally.   This work is a continuation of the Korean Project begun in 1996 when we presented many workshops on Korean ceramic processes, brought several groups of Korean ceramic artists to the United States, published the poster portfolio Korean Ceramics: Reflections of Korean Character written by Chung Yang Mo, retired Director of the National Museums of Korea and Korea’s foremost authority on Korean ceramics and produced the video Earth Fire Sky: Ancient Korean Ceramic Techniques and a number of other things to promote Korean ceramics both in the schools and to ceramic artists.  The Korean Project has grown and changed even without the funding we had then and continues to promote Korean ceramics and Korean arts and culture in general internationally. 

We founded the Korean Project and our workshops on Korean Ceramic processes reached more than 3500 ceramic artists and educators internationally including two workshops for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and two for the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland.  Our several awards for promoting Korea include being named “Ambassadors for Gangjin, Korea”, the only ones to receive this prestigious designation.  We are mentioned in The book the World of Korean Ceramics by Jon and Alan Covell and The Arts of Korea published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

   Our work, that relates to ceramic artists and educators, operates as though we were a non-profit organization.  However, non-profits do not have the flexibility we need to do all that we are trying to do.   Of course, we would still appreciate donations for our work, so let us know if you would like to do that and we’ll tell you how.

   We are ceramic artists and educators with more than 30 years of research experience in Korea.  As part of our work to promote Korea, we have entered into a partnership with US Travel, one of Korea’s most distinguished travel companies.  This allows us to provide special tours to Korea.  As stated, our tours for educators and ceramic artists are at non-profit prices.  It is our way of giving back to the ceramic and education communities that have been our life’s work.  Tours for others are also at reduced prices.

    Morning Earth, the pottery, was officially founded in 1979 after twenty four years of being Parkstone Pottery, but that name was too English.  When Arthur returned from sabbatical in Korea he changed the name to Morning Earth. 

   The word “morning” comes from the historic name for Korea “The Land of the Morning Calm” it comes from the time of Arthur’s Korean ancestors before the 19th and 20th century events of war and occupation that plagued and threatened to destroy the beautiful land and culture of Korea.   We use  the word “morning” to honor those ancestors for their sacrifices for our family that included dramatic family separation and the early death of Arthur’s grandfather. 

   The word “earth” is intended to have a double meaning, to both reflect the earth we use to form our ceramic work and the earth on which we all live that makes us one people.  The name has always been Morning Earth not Morning Earth Pottery that you find on our pottery web address.   As far as we can determine we are the first and original Morning Earth although another company now uses those words for their web site and we were too late in getting our sites developed.  We added the word “pottery” as a distinguishing term.

   Morning Earth is at once a pottery, workshop provider, educational resource, tour developer and sometimes guide, promoter of Korean Arts and Culture and tool manufacturer through our sister company Dragon Claw Tools. 

          As a pottery we produce several types of ware.  These include tea ware, functional vessels and sculptural forms.  Sometimes these areas merge in what we hope are interesting ways.  In addition to our own individual and personal work, we also have produced Morning Earth ware.  Morning Earth ware is simple, well designed, functional ware that we have offered at much lower prices than our personal work.

   Thank you for your interest.  Be the first ceramic artist in your area to witness Korean ceramics.  Join the onggi tour or any of our other ceramic tours to Korea. 

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    Learn more about our Korean culture tours at  TeaTourKorea.comHumanCulturalTreasureTours.Com and, where if you look closely, you can make a donation to our work.

    Some guests have been on our tours several times.  Do you need a reference?   We look forward to meeting you in the amazing land Korea..

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