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     Thank you for visiting KoreanOnggi.com.  To be informed when more information is available, please register.  This site will eventually become both  an information site and provide occasional Korean Onggi Tours to Korea.   Normally once a year.

     If you have a question about Korean ceramics in general or other ceramic tours, contact us.  To inquire about joining one of our tour groups contact us directly.   Some of our ceramic tours are currently partly subsidized and because they are sold at a non profit price not sold through travel agents.   Join the autumn Korean Onggi Tour.

     For help in planning a ceramic tour for your university or ceramic artist’s group please contact us.  We can help you plan a great ceramic tour of Korea and beyond - to China,  Japan or possibly other Asian countries.  We operate at a non profit level for ceramic artists, educators and their guests.  All of our tours are reasonably priced without sacrificing accommodations or service.    Join us for a great ceramic adventure to Korea and beyond.

    For more information about the Autumn Korean Onggi Tour, contact us at Morning Earth or return to this web site for updates.

To be placed on the onggi tour list with no immediate obligation, contact us.  Our e-mail address is above and below.

Study Ceramics in Korea ?


    Sign Up NOW to be on the list for the Onggi Tour.  This is not the same as registering for information.  It is the next step to joining the tour and some people are already on the list.  Signing up will reserve your spot on the tour.  To sign up for the onggi tour, contact us directly by e-mail and tell us you are interested in joining the Korean Onggi Tour.  Space is limited for this rare opportunity.

    We don’t have the price for this amazing tour.   However it should be very inexpensive compared with other tours.  We will help you book your flight and will have total prices from US and Canadian major cities on this web site when we know the dates.

    The land price will include our own large bus, good to great accommodations, most meals, English speaking guide, onggi knowledgeable host, all entrance fees, no hidden costs (like last minute tips) and the opportunity to witness many aspects of Korean ceramics.  It may be called an onggi tour but you will experience much more.

    Morning Earth tours for ceramic artists and educators are at non-profit prices.  They are also tax deductible if you pay taxes as an educator or ceramic artist.

  Signing up to be on the list doesn’t obligate you to take the tour but you will have a reserved place.  


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Is this bottle onggi?

Yes.  That bottle is onggi.

Korean Onggi

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