Welcome to KoreanOnggi.Com the website we hope will become your source for information about  Korean onggi.  We are in our beginning stages and this site will develop slowly, but we can already offer two exciting opportunities. 

One:  The opportunity for you to witness the first Korean onggi exposition OEUK 2010 - Onggi Exposition Ulsan Korea 2010! 

During the tour, in addition to onggi, participants will also witness Korea’s other ceramic processes including, Silla style, celadon, porcelain, tea ware, buncheong and contemporary artists.  Some of the artists you will visit are Human Cultural Treasures.  You will also visit HCT’s from other fields of art, enjoy a day at the famous Andong Mask Dance Festival and have the opportunity to extend your tour to China where among other things you will meet personally with YiXing teapot masters.  You will not believe how inexpensive this tour is.

Two:  The opportunity to read an article in English by one of Korea’s more acclaimed authorities on Korean ceramics.  If you know Korean ceramics well, you know and possibly have met Cho Chung Hyun, Professor Emeritus of ceramics from Ewah Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea.  Professor Cho, an acclaimed ceramic artist, mentor to many of Korea’s more prominent women ceramic artists and author, is also one of Korea’s leading authorities on onggi.  She has given us permission to republish her article The True Character of the Onggi Culture in Korea. 

For more than thirty years Professor Cho has researched Korean onggi and we are honored that she has provided her manuscript as an introduction to onggi for our web site.


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Kim Il Mann’s cultural treasure onggi kiln 1997  -  old roof

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Kim Il Mann’s cultural treasure onggi kiln 2008  -  new roof

Photo by Adam Field

We have 30 + years of onggi and other Korean ceramic research.


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