At our home, we are always

                                          reminded of onggi.  This photo was

                                          taken at Christmas in 2008. The jar

                                          on our deck is by Kim Il Mann a

                                          Human Cultural Treasure in Onggi. 

                                          Not far from it is an even larger jar

                                          made in the Ulsan area some time

                                         ago.  So we often think about onggi.

                                          In many ways onggi and its use is

a reflection of the heart of Korea.

   We are developing the web site Korean Onggi as a way to provide ceramic artists, educators and others, in the English speaking world, an opportunity to get to know onggi.  

   This web site will become a direct link to ceramic artists, particularly onggi potters, in Korea.  For forty plus years we have been researching Korean ceramics and have become friends with many Korean ceramic artists - among them are some of Korea’s more prominent onggi potters.  From time to time we will have on this site information, slide shows and movies on  onggi and these artists.  We hope that this site will one day be the go-to site in English for anyone interested in onggi.  It will become an information site and also provide occasional opportunities to travel to Korea to witness these artists personally.  For a few of you it may provide help in making the connections to study with an onggi or other Korean potter in Korea. 

   Someone asked us, “Why are you doing this?  Why take so much time away from your own work for little financial gain?”  There is a very long answer to those questions but the short answer is, “We want to promote Korean ceramics and at the same time help international ceramic artists and educators.”  Our goal is that this site and some of our other websites will begin to do that. 

   We hope that this website will develop into something you will come to use and enjoy.  Register to be informed of significant updates to the information found here. We won’t spam you.  But we will let you know when changes are made.

  There are tour possibilities related to this site.  We are providing tours because we believe in authentic experiences.  It is one thing to read a book,  see a picture or even view a video.  It is quite another thing to actually be there.    We also  know the limited income many educator and ceramic artists have.  That is why for educators, ceramic artists and their spouse, friends or partner who accompany them, our tours are discounted and handled on a non-profit basis.  It is simply our way to give back to those communities.  Sometimes our tours, like this year’s OEUK 2009 tour, are even partly subsidized for ceramic artists and educators.

    You will not see many ads for our tours simply because if we have to pay for an ad we will have to pass that cost on to  you our tour participants.  So we would appreciate it if you tell others about this and our other sites. 

  NOTE: If you are a Korean onggi potter, or if you have studied in Korea with an onggi potter we will create a free web page for you on this site and link it to your web site if you have one.    Contact us for more information.



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