Lee Hak Soo, ICT

Bosong, Chollanamdo

Korean Onggi

Lee Hak Soo, the son of a Human Cultural Treasure, continues his family’s Chollanamdo onggi tradition of using flopped slabs to form his work.  It is believed that Bernard Leach, Soetsu Yanagi and Shoji Hamada visited this studio when they toured ceramic artists in Chollanamdo.  Both Leach and Hamada were greatly influenced by onggi artists and adapted both onggi forming and decorating processes for their work 

A man, small in stature, Lee Hak Soo often makes work larger than many other onggi artists attempt.  Witness the largest jar behind him in the slide with Kang Kwang-mugg and the large bowl in other slides. The first section of slides is from his demonstrations at the Gangjin Celadon Festival; both in a public demonstration and for a selected group of international ceramic artists who also exhibited their work.  For more information on that opportunity go to GangjinExhibit.Com.  The last selection of slides is from his studio.