October ? - ?, 2010 Date Pending

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  This tour will visit the OEUK 2010 Exposition for at least two days while traveling throughout Korea to witness the full breadth of Korean ceramics.  We will meet the artists in their studios.   

   While this tour is looking for ceramic artist participants, it is open to anyone interested in witnessing one of the oldest ceramic forms in the world. 

  In addition to attending this new Onggi Exposition - the first of its kind, you will also travel to many of Korea’s more important ceramic areas and will meet personally many of the Human Cultural Treasures and other outstanding ceramic artists of Korea.  In other words, this tour will experience the full breadth of Korean ceramics.  You will visit a Silla style HCT, a porcelain HCT, Korea’s only National HCT in ceramics, teabowl masters, buncheong masters and some of Korea’s more important contemporary ceramic artists.

    If the dates are close, we will include the great Andong Mask Dance festival in this tour.   PLUS . . .

    An optional extension of three-days to Korea’s Jejudo.  Where because of their unusual lava rock kilns some of their most interesting onggi is being produced.  Juju is also the “Hawaii of Asia”.

Onggi Tour 2010


Korean Onggi

This great tour will have an amazingly low price. 14-16 days.  Register to reserve your spot with no obligation now!


* The is the fine print. The price of this non-profit tour will be based on at least 10 guests and the coordinated arrival of tour participants.  If we get fewer than 10 guests or a reasonable coordinated arrival time for all participants is not possible the price will be higher or the tour cancelled. This is because of the non-profit price of this tour.  This is because of the set price of the bus.  In addition, if a coordinated arrival time is not possible, it may be necessary to have some or all participants arrive a day before the tour begins.  Should that occur, a non-profit one-night room charge must be added to this price and your arrival date would be a day earlier.  We simply want to be up-front and honest about these possibilities.  This is sometimes necessary when we have tour participants arriving in Korea from various countries.  If we have fewer than ten guests it may be necessary to cancel the tour.  Should that occur we refund your deposit 100%.  If we have ten or more guests the price  will be remarkable low if the tour is partly subsidized.  Please tell all who may be interested about this tour.

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Don’t wait until 2011! They have told us that this exposition will not be repeated in 2011 and possibly not again.  In addition, we are working to get Korean officials to highly subsidize this tour.  If this tour doesn’t materialize in 2010 there will be a very slim change we can get them to subsidize another tour.  So register today and join the tour.  The price will be inexpensive  and may never be seen again. 

We also need your help.  We have great tours at very reasonable prices but a very limited advertising budget. Even if you can’t possibly go, please email your friends who may be interested.  Our tours for ceramic artists and educators are non-profit.  Your help in spreading the word will help us continue this program.  

To see onggi being made, watch Adam’s Field’s onggi videos on YouTube.