Are you a serious about ceramics?  Can you spare a month or even a year?

     We are looking for the right people who wish to study ceramics in Korea.  The year 2009 would be an amazing year to be there.  It is the year of the World Ceramic Exposition, and the first Onggi Exposition.  There are also the annual Mungyeong Tea Bowl Festival and Gangjin Celadon Festival with its juried international events plus many more ceramic happenings taking place throughout Korea.  You might as well live there in 2009. 

     Each Korean artist will make their own arrangements.  We are trying to help you and them.  More and more serious ceramic artists are studying in Korea.

     We will help you make the right connections.  I wanted to help you for free but discovered that it takes considerable time and several phone calls to Korea in addition to sending information and images back and forth.  It is time consuming. 

      This service is $25 for our tour members.  Others pay a $50 USD filing fee.   We guarantee to provide you contact with a ceramic artist in Korea who is willing to have guest artists for a period of time.  We do not guarantee that you will work with that artist in Korea.  That arrangement will be between you and the artist.  We try to match your interests with Korean artists.  Should an arrangement fail, we will make you one other contact.  If you are serious, you will make a connection.

     Korean artists are very open and friendly.  You will not be sweeping out the studio for six months before you are allowed to touch clay.  

     Artists who accept apprenticeships make different types of arrangements.  One approach is an exchange in which case you would stay with them for a month or two and they or their designee would stay with you or a sponsoring potter for a month or two to work and learn English.  In that case no money is exchanged.  In another example a modest fee is paid to the artist for your living expenses etc.  In some cases you will have to find a place to live nearby.  There are many options depending on the artist.

     Some more renowned artists do not accept working apprenticeships but do allow in-studio observation.

   We have a list of Korean ceramic artists who are willing to have other ceramic artists work with them. 

     One of last year’s ceramic tour members is studying in Korea now with a human cultural treasure in onggi.  Are you ready?  Contact us now if you think you are ready.   This is not a “business” we make no profit and only cover our expenses.  We will only place one or two artists each year.   Are you one of them?

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